Top Things to Consider in Affordable Modern Pergola

Additional space in a home is a welcome site for any homeowner, and a pergola designed in the right manner will help you accomplish just that. This will help you enjoy your outdoors without getting exposed to the harshness of any weather. Besides this, a pergola will increase the value of your home; this will work out to be highly beneficial if you plan to sell your home in the future. The pergolas are considered as an ‘affordable’ garden feature for any home. As a homeowner you will definitely want to consider affordable option for your pergola, and mentioned below are some of the top considerations that you need to give when going for affordable modern pergola.


Factors to Be Considered in Affordable Modern Pergola

Consider the space:
You need to find out how much space is available in your garden are and how much can be used for a pergola. The space factor will help you make the right choice in the design and also the shape of pergola. Ensure that the pergola is proportionate not only for the garden shape but your home as well. Besides this, you also need to plan on whether you require this pergola as a free-standing one so that it creates an individual outdoor space or attached to your home, extending the indoors to the outdoors.

Consider the design and shape:
As there are multiple of options available in the designs and shapes of the pergolas, you need to consider these aspects in the initial stage of planning for affordable modern pergola. When it comes to the designs, you have a choice between the square, circular, rectangular or even a hexagonal one. An attached pergola is ideal in the semi- circular shape.

Options in the Different Materials:
Pergolas can be made in various materials. Each material benefits in different manner, thus choosing this will depend on your personal requirement. Some of the materials available are:

  • Timber
    Natural is the new modern and this is where timber works out an ideal material your pergola. You should be aware that though these pergolas offer a natural feel and look, these are highly valued in the modern decoration of homes.
  • Aluminum
    The aluminum pergolas are affordable and are easy to maintain. These also tend to be sturdy and light weight, making this an ideal choice. You also have the choice of different colors in the powder coated aluminum pergolas when you plan on getting the affordable modern pergola.
  • Steel
    Pergolas constructed of treated steel are resistant to rust and decay. Installation is also convenient with minimum support for the structure. Finally, these tend to give you an open feel.

Modern Pergola

Different Options in affordable modern pergolas

As in the materials there are different roof designs available in pergola. You can think of opting for the:

  • Arched or Curved Design which is ideal for traditional homes. These being less popular, can give the pergola a unique look, different from the rest.
  • Flat Design for the Roof mimics a look of the mid-century and tends to be used most these days. These tend to give for a modern look for the whole structure.
  • The Pitched Roof is shaped like a tent which is pitched, adding a historic look.

Make an Informed Choice

When looking for modern and yet affordable pergola make sure to consider all the essential requirements. If you intend using this in summer, choose a material which can allow enough light to enter but blocks out the heat of the sun. You can also think of having plants which are either potted or creepers. There are end numbers of ways to get the desired look for your pergolas. You can even search online if you are in confusion between the different designs and styles of pergolas


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