Common Roof Problems and When to Call a Roofing Specialist

When it comes to home improvement, there are several things that require restoration and repairing over time. Some of the most common problems in buildings and homes are related to roofing. Ignoring the need for timely repair of your roof could lead to a chain of damages to the building structure with you having to end up coughing up far more money to restore everything back to normal. The severity of roofing repairs might range from simple cracks that can be managed with DIY solutions to issues that require a roof restoration specialist to be called in. To understand which approach to take, the following list has been compiled. Here are some of the most common problems that you might encounter with your office or home roof:

Roof Restoration
Roof Restoration

Post Installation Punctures

If significant damage is caused due to foot traffic during installation, this must be instantly addressed and repaired. This is even more problematic for roof systems that have single ply. If there is heavy traffic during construction, this can cause cuts and scrapes on the membrane which will in turn be problematic to the underlying layer.

Once these punctures appear, you can do nothing but get help from a professional repairing service which will make sure that the problem doesn’t become aggravated in the future. However, problems like this can be avoided if proper steps are taken beforehand such as adding walkways for installer or sacrificial membrane layers to take the brunt of the construction process.

Reduced Wind Resistance, Tenting, or Billowing

Other common problem with roofs are billowing or blowing off of the top layer when exposed to high winds. Generally, this happens when the flashing has not been installed properly. This causes open laps or seams that result in blow offs due to lowered resistance to winds. Here are some common reasons why such problems occur:

  • When the seams are made of cold adhesives, they have to be cured well before being exposed to wind and rain. Failure to do this will lead to issues like billowing and blowing off.
  • Similar consequences might also be caused due to poor or unprofessional gravel embedment or using insufficient fasteners. The fasteners must be adequately added to the base sheet when torch applied mod roof systems or hot bituminous systems are being applied.

Leaks and Moisture Problems

Home owners as wells as every roof restoration specialist will agree that water causes some of the most common roofing problems. No matter what type of roof is being installed, leaks are likely to occur somewhere down the years. Water can be destructive to your property even if it is just a trickle. Even a few drops of water that drip continuously can not only damage your roof, but also walls, furniture and other appliances in your home. This is why leaks and water-related roof problems require immediate checking out and repairing by professionals.

Poor Installation or Maintenance

Many people are unaware of the fact that proper installation and maintenance of roofs can prevent a lot of maintenance issues in the future. If the installation itself is faulty, this will increase the likelihood of problems in the future. Not only that, it might also reduce the longevity of the roof. The same goes for a repairs service. If the right roof restoration specialist is chosen, they will make sure that the right method is followed so that the risk of future problems can be minimized.

Lastly, roof maintenance must be of utmost importance when it comes to home improvement. Safety and finance are two critical reasons why every homeowner must pay attention to roof restoration and maintenance. Some other common roof problems are blistering, shrinkage, and ponding water. 

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