What are the Ultimate French Provincial Style Kitchen Trends?

If you aspire to have a warm, beautiful and comfortable style for your kitchen then you must look for the exceptional French provincial styles. Packed with incredible designs that evoke the best of friendly, traditional and family feel, these styles are simple and ideal for those who do not want to compromise with aesthetics as well as functionality of the kitchen.
French Provincial Style Kitchen
Most of the people think that they have to limit their creativity to particular French provincial style kitchens when dealing with such designs; however the reality is far from that. Apparently, you can experiment with a wide range of concepts, elements and ideas to bring something that you always wanted to have.

This article reveals some of the latest trends that have evolved in the industry and how you can make the most of it.
Kitchen Design

Latest Trends for French Provincial Style Kitchens:

There are five prominent trends that should be considered when you are planning the design of your kitchen and these are:
  1. Use of Soft Pale Colors: The essence of a French kitchen lies in the combination of soft colors that are not only pleasing but also offer a sense of serenity to the design. You can even take inspiration for color shades from the French provincial landscape and then decide which one would be worth. Remember, the color of the kitchen is as important as any other aspect so do make sure that you provide optimal time, attention and research for the same.
  2. Crown Molded Frame: Designers have amalgamated royalty with classic designs through crown molded frames in the kitchen. Such frames are often placed right at the top of the cabinetry, so that it can be the star of the show. These frames not only bring diversity to the design, rather add a contemporary touch to the theme.
  3. Mixing Wide Range of Materials: Be it stainless steel, copper, or aged wood, the French provincial style kitchens will always remain incomplete without the perfect balance of various materials. The idea is that creating an appeal of different things apparently turns out to be reminiscent of French kitchens. However, the key is to have the right balance. Determine the type of material that will be best at a particular part of the kitchen and then work accordingly.
  4. Elegant & Airy: This style has always been about embracing the beauty of timeless designs that have been there for a long period of time. The chicken wire nets, open shelves at the island door cabinets along with brick walls can add that perfect feel to such French provincial style kitchens. Further, gold-finish fixtures have the ability to take its elegance to a whole new level.
  5. Country Appeal: When you want to have rustic French theme then it is essential to incorporate aged finishes and natural designs. Look for methods that provide antique details so that you can capture the beauty of country appeal in your kitchen.
How to design your French Provincial Style for the Kitchen?
Indeed, there are many styles to choose from. But when you want to have a personal touch to the entire design then you can consider customizing French provincial style kitchens based on the aforementioned trends. A warm and welcoming feel is one of the key features of a French kitchen, although it is a harder one to quantify. For more information, you can consult with a professional who will guide you about the various elements of the kitchen, how beneficial they are and different ways to work on them.

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