What is Best Suited for Accommodation While on a Vacation?

Quality Accommodation
Going on a vacation can be fun. But the difficult part is pre-planning. Above that, finding a top quality accommodation. You first need to decide what type of top quality accommodation you want. Whether it’s a rented house or a hotel suit or a hotel room. It goes without saying that you can get the top quality accommodation with all the facilities in a three star or five star hotels. But that would burn a huge hole in your pockets which you don’t want. So here are some insights to getting a top quality accommodation when you are touring at an affordable rate.

Decide whether you want a motel room, a hotel room or a suite. Then you can go about with the process of looking for the suitable top quality accommodation. Here, I have compared each accommodation with the other two and weighed down the pros and cons.
Motel Accommodation
  • Motel Rooms: Despite the bad publicity, there are many motels that can provide top quality accommodations sans the over loaded service tax. Well, here with top quality accommodations, I mean comfortable rooms and timely service with all the basic amenities. You won’t get a spa treatment on demand nor will you find multiple delicious cuisines being served. But that saves from spending a lot of money on extravagant facilities. Motel rooms and suites have a real bad reputation, thanks to many low life motels with reported incidents of burglaries and other criminal activities. Also, Hollywood suspense thrillers and horror movies have spawned the general condition of motels even more. But bear in mind that movies rarely depict realities. If you look carefully and take a note of the ratings of the motels listed online, then you can find a cheap motel providing top quality accommodation. If you are a traveller, all you need is a comfortable lodging and a neat place to sleep. Motels can provide top quality accommodation for these purposes. Why would you need to spend more for a high class hotel for the same cause instead of using the same money for other meaningful activities?
  • Suites: If you are up for spending a lot of money with no compromise, getting a suite is a good idea for a top quality accommodation. While it is costly, it is also worth the money. Suites are spacious with all the facilities and high class room services. Unlike a hotel room, the bed and the sitting area are not clubbed together in a single room. There are two or more than 2 rooms to give you a comfortable feel. You get all the expensive shampoos and all other “ritzy” stuff to make you feel at home. You get various types of beverages and cuisines to choose from. But they charge you manifold for all that. In case you are on a vacation only to relax and for a change of location to get away from your dull daily life, a suite is the most suitable option for a top quality accommodation.
  • Hotel Rooms: The in-between of both is a hotel room. In case you feel too paranoid due to all the possible risks of motel rooms, you can choose a hotel room and get your peace of mind along with a top quality accommodation. Motels are smaller and easily accessible and thus more comfortable as you won’t have to enter several lobbies, walk down several corridors and ride elevators to access your room. Also, motel rooms are quieter than hotel rooms as there is lesser number of rooms in a motel than in a hotel. Also, with lesser guests in the motel establishment, the staff can provide you with a personalized service. Hotels are more secure. If you mistakenly choose a low life motel, you may run into trouble. So one needs to be on alert while looking for suitable top quality accommodations.
Above all, the secret to finding the right top quality accommodation is to know where exactly to look. Look for reliable travel agents to help you pick a top quality accommodation for your vacation to have a safe and a happy holiday.

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