What to Expect While Getting a Professional Chimney Repair Service

Fireplaces look elegant and are present in a lot of the homes in the US and Europe where heating is required during winter. Many homes still use the traditional fireplace and chimneys to keep themselves warm. Modern fireplaces use gas or oil for heating using the stove to reduce dependence on wood and to reduce emission. Fireplaces and chimneys that are not maintained well can turn hazardous if they are not vented properly, leading to build up of colorless, odorless gas called carbon monoxide that would find its way back into the house.  Moreover, the carbon dust that falls from the chimney can trigger allergy among the residents of the place. The buildup of creosote inside the chimney wall could accidentally trigger chimney fire. Since this is not a job that can be easily managed by the house owners themselves, it is better to get it done by professional chimney repair service personnel. 

A professional chimney repair service company carries mainly four things, namely:
  • Cleaning.
  • Inspection.
  • Relining.
  • Reinstallation.
Some companies inspect your chimney all the way from the fireplace, the furnace, the boiler connection, as well as the chimney crown and cap. They also carry jobs like removing and replacing the stove, vent pipe, cap, damper plate, etc. 

1. Professional Chimney Repair Service Company undertakes chimney Sweeping & Inspections to ensure that the chimney is safe to use. Some companies use the video recording of the inner chimney wall to document the extent of damage to bricks and mortar. These damages require masonry repair to prevent damage to the structure of the chimney in the long run. Chimney flashing repairs eliminate water leaks. Fire places that use oil or gas appliances have flues that may require relining to fix cracks. The top part of the chimney needs to be capped or crowned to prevent rain water from gushing in, as well as to prevent animals from sneaking it.  Sometimes, animals or birds get stuck in chimneys without caps. Cement Caps need to be repaired if they are cracked and have fallen apart. Installation of new wood stoves and fireplace inserts may be required to compensate for old ones.

2. You can find many details of professional chimney repair service companies over the internet.  You can read reviews about these companies and make an opinion about them yourselves before soliciting their services. You may get information about good agencies that have provided satisfactory services from your neighbors as well as other community help forums.  You have to narrow down the list to a couple of companies then. Once you have informed them of the requirement, they would come down to have a check, if there is extensive repair needed.  You can otherwise make a call and enquire as to what all services they provide since some companies do not provide all services. You can then get an estimate of the charges for various repairs that need to be done and come to a conclusion as to which service company should be chosen. Some companies are professional enough to document the existing damage and the repairs conducted by them so that it can be used to understand the history of repairs in the future.
There are a few tips you must keep in mind when using the fireplace at home. You must burn only seasoned hardwood. Burning softwood such as pine will lead to increased deposition of soot on the brick and mortar. Never burn trash, especially plastic, in the fireplace. Smoke from such materials increases creosote accumulation. The chimney should be swept after every cord of wood is burned. It ensures appropriate ventilation. Furthermore, NFPA 211 recommends an annual cleaning of your chimneys that guarantees the safety of the residents.

Make the most of these tips and locate a suitable chimney repair company near your home and get sure that your fireplace and chimney are kept clean and safe.

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