How are Packaging Cartons Made and What Are Their Types?

Nowadays, most businesses sell their products on the internet and even if they have a physical location, they offer the option of shipping the product to the customer’s residence. In order to ship the products even over a short distance, it has to be securely packed so that no damage is done to the product during loading, unloading, or transportation. Shipping a package is made easy if it is packed in an appropriate package. Products with breakable material are safer in packaging cartons. Generally, these are made out of cardboard and recycled paper is one of its main raw materials. Given below is a comprehensive discussion of how these cartons are made, used, their types, and how to buy the right ones for your business.

Packaging Cartons
Packaging Cartons

How are They Manufactured?

The manufacturer of packaging cartons all over the world use only recycled materials to make these packages which are completely eco-friendly. In the industry, it is known as used paper or recovered fibre. This is the main raw material which is used in making these packages. After the recycled materials are recovered, they are baled and sent to the factory or mill where pulping takes place. Then, the material is transformed into the type of paper or cardboard which is the speciality of that particular mill.

Regardless of the type of pulp and finished cardboard required, the processing method is almost the same in all mills. The pulp is added to a machine called the pulper which resembles a big washing machine. If there are any other materials apart from paper such as metals, plastic or glass, it is removed at this stage. The raw material goes through several screening processes to make sure that no form of pollutant is present in it. After this is done, all the moisture is removed from the pulp and it is rolled and cut into the required shapes and sizes. These sheets are then turned in to packaging boxes, paper bags etc.

Some Types of Packaging Cartons

There are several different types of boxes that manufacturer of packaging cartons make. However, among these, some are more popular than the rest and more widely used. Three popular types of cartons have been discussed below:
  • Rigid or set up boxes are strong and sturdy. These cannot be folded or collapsed like some others. These are more valuable and are used for high end products and goods such as iPhones.
  • As the name suggests, folding cartons can be folded easily and their structure is not as rigid. These are some of the most common types used commercially. For example, a cereal box.
  • Brown cardboard boxes which are used in long distance shipping are known as corrugated boxes. Sellers generally use these to ship their products.

How to Choose the Right Material

There are many ways you can purchase packaging material used in shipping products. You might find a manufacturer of packaging cartons on the internet or find a great deal in an auction. However, there are some important things to keep in mind when choosing the cartons materials.

Firstly, you must know what type of carton material is most suitable for your consignment. Though all cartons materials appear the same, there many categories depending on the quality and strength of the material. You need to know what is suitable for you if you need them in bulk for your commercial purposes. At the end of the day, the packaging carton you choose must have the strength to ensure your product reaches your customer intact in spite of having to go through rough handling and shipping. Low grade materials might be available on the internet but may end up damaging the product while shipping. This can reflect badly on your image before the customers and will cause you losses in the form or refunds. Their resistance to moisture and other damaging elements must also be checked before placing the order. 

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