Ideas and Tips for Kitchen Design and Mistakes to Avoid

If a flavoured, simmering broth on the stove is your idea of the perfect Friday night and you swear by a mean chocolate pie, chances are that the kitchen is the favourite room of your house. Designing or redesigning a kitchen is one of the most challenging interior designing tasks as the space has to look well and also practical. However, the job becomes easier if you are aware of some amazing kitchen design ideas and know which mistakes to avoid.

Modern Kitchen Design

Nowadays, the kitchen is not just a room where only cooking is done. As most modern houses have a kitchen that doubles as a casual dining space, its various functions have to be kept in mind when coming up with design ideas. Some people also use the kitchen table as a makeshift work space where they can sit down with a cup of coffee and work for a few minutes in the morning or night. Therefore, in order to help you make the right choices when it comes to redesigning your kitchen, here are some tips that you must keep in mind: 

Kitchen Design Ideas from The Experts:

  • Think Colour: Although kitchens are generally portrayed to have mellow and natural shades such as wood brown, white or cream, you can add a splash of bold colour to the space. Although, make sure that you don’t go overboard with bright colors and maintain an aesthetic contrast.       
  • Ample Storage: If your kitchen requires anything, it is the ample storage space. There must be enough cabinets and cupboards for your appliances, utensils, and other items required during cooking.    
  • Keep the Counter Clean: Cooking requires a hundred different things like various oils, spices, knives and ladles but the counter must be kept clean at all the times. If you put these items on the surface while cooking, they must be cleaned up afterwards and stowed away. 
  • Casual Hangout Plus Work Space: You can create a simple, casual area for breakfast and refreshments in the kitchen include comfortable seating options. This can also be used as a casual work space to be used when you don’t feel like working in the study.   
  • Let the Light in: While most other rooms in your house can make do with artificial overhead lighting, a kitchen benefits greatly from a strategically placed window that will bring the light in. 


Avoid These Common Kitchen Designing Mistakes:

  • Make sure that the storage cabinets are brought up to the ceiling and there is no space between the cabinet top and the ceiling wall. This space collects dust and is tough to keep clean, hence it is better avoided.
  • Don’t clutter the area so much that there is no breathing space. There must be some space left for you to move around freely even if you visit the kitchen only to brew yourself a cup of coffee every now and then. 
  • You can include small items that make the space look inviting. For instance, a small bowl of colorful candy or sugar sweets on the kitchen table or the counter top instantly make the kitchen look warm. After all, who doesn’t like candy?              

Kitchen Design
An important thing that you must keep in mind while coming up with kitchen design ideas is that you don’t have to follow the treads always. There are no two kitchen spaces that are exactly the same. Different spaces require unique and innovative designs that maximize the use of free space and complement it aesthetically as well. Therefore, look for things that you want to include in your kitchen and come up with ideas that will make it blend with your lifestyle and rest of the house design. Trends might as well be forgotten! 

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