Know About Various Electricians and Different Categories of Electrical Services

In our daily lives, we deal with numerous electrical appliances. Often people require electrical services from experienced electricians to fix different types of electrical issues that are why the demand for the quality services from reputed electrical service providers has increased substantially. There are numerous reputed electrical servicing companies available in the markets. They have teams of expert electricians working in their company to offer the safest and the most reliable electrical services. These companies provide almost all types of electrical services to both commercial as well as, domestic customers.
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Categories of Electricians

Best electrical service providers have all licensed and trained electricians in their teams. They have the knacks of providing installation, repairing, and maintenance services for all types of electrical appliances. However, it does not mean that every electrician will be able to provide all types of electrical services. There are various types of electricians available in the best companies and they have been segregated on the basis of the tasks they perform. In the upcoming section, we will discuss some of the popular categories of electricians:
  1. Residential Electricians: They are experienced electricians who provide installation, repairing, and upgrade services of various electrical appliances in houses and apartments. These electricians also provide installation services of lightings for the landscapes. In the initial stage, these electricians work under the supervision of veteran electricians. In this way, the top electrical service providing companies ensure that they have the certified and most skilled electricians in their team.
  2. Commercial Electricians: These types of electricians generally, work on various construction sites. They mainly offer services for mechanical electrical systems and commercial projects. These experienced electricians are competent to install various security systems for commercial purposes, water heaters, machinery, process controls, furnaces, central AC system, electronic key systems, etc. They also have the competencies to play an active role in machinery relocations, cable tray installations, remodeling motor controls, troubleshoot all types of electrical faults, wiring related faults etc. These electricians also go through licensing processes and before starting working independently, they work under the supervision of a trained electrician. The certification or licensing criteria for commercial electricians are very stringent as compared to the licensing process of domestic electricians because works of a commercial electrician may have an effect on public safety.
  3. Journeymen Electricians: They have the qualifications and knowledge to work on various projects related to the lighting installation, mechanical connections, complex security systems, power supplies and both domestic and commercial building communications. These electricians may have to work on projects related overhead lines as well. Their roles are very active, especially in manufacturing plants. To get the certification of this type of electrician, a person needs to clear Journeyman certification exam. After clearing this certification exam, a person may start working as a journeyman electrician independently.
  4. Master Electricians: They work in supervisory roles or else they have their own electrical service providing business. They are highly skilled electricians with lots of knowledge. A person can become a master electrician only if he clears electrical engineering certification or else if he gains a certain years’ of experience. Apart from having basic knowledge and expertise of an electrician, they should possess the managerial skills to manage other electricians.
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Some Major Services provided by Electricians

  • Circuit repair
  • Various services on electrical outlet
  • Installation and maintenance of Carbon monoxide and Smoke detectors
  • Performing audits on properties
  • Electrical code compliance
  • Repair of electrical signs
  • Replacement of electric ballast
  • Upgrade of retro fit
  • Installation, maintenance, and repairing of electrical equipment
  • Annual Inspection of electrical dock
  • Switch and Receptacle installation
  • Spa and hot tub wiring

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