The Various Forms of Stainless Steel Linen Skips and Their Uses

There are many ways to organize your hospital, and for them you would need the right furniture and equipments. When you find the regularly used items right beside hand, ready for use, your work will be much organized and smooth; thus, resulting in completion of every process without any hassle and on time. That is why items like metal skips are used in hospitals and medical facilities.

Stainless Steel Medical Trolley
Stainless Steel Medical Trolley
These are one of those items, which you don’t see or talk of normally, but they make an indispensable part of an organized work floor in a clinic or hospital. They are mostly made of stainless steel because of their property to get sterilized in little time and the strength steel possesses.  Steel made linen skips are a great way to dispose medical waste, make any bag or item movable and easily portable while being attached to the skip, and a complete protection from any unnecessary direct contact.

How to Use Stainless Steel Linen Skips

Stainless steel linen skips are used for many purposes. They are a marvelous portable arrangement to carry anything from one place to another, with no need to touch and hold the items. Thus, they have an immense usage in medical field. Sterilization of various items is done regularly but it is of no use if they come in contact and get contaminated. To avoid any contact and keeping the items safe for the use of patients; linen skips are put into use.

You just need to place medical waste disposal bags on the skips and move it as a waste basket from one place to another, and users do not need to touch the bags to dispose waste, and even the person throwing off the waste will have minimum contact with waste. If there is no bin, the bag’s open ends can be tied in a knot to dispose off without touching it all over.

Similarly, linen used for beds and curtains etc can be transferred from one room to another on the skips by hanging them on the sterile steel rods. Thus, makes portability easy, while the person transferring the linens needs not to touch them much and keep their body safe from contaminants. Stainless Steel Linen Skips have great advantage on carrying and transferring things in a hygienic way.

The Advantages of Stainless Steel Linen Skip

Stainless steel being the main metal and component in making the skips is the biggest advantage. Chromium plated stainless steel is the safer to use as it does not contaminate anything, or infuses into other items or water. It’s a stable alloy, which is strong and doesn’t lose texture, polish and shine over time. Rather it’s much hygienic for use in medicine, as stainless steel can be easily sterilized.

Stainless Steel Linen Skips
Stainless Steel Linen Skips 

And the various designs you get in the skips are made very thoughtfully to serve for different purposes. It’s not just the medicine where they are used, but also in industrial purposes etc. Thus, skips make for a highly useful device to transfer heavy items in a sitting or hanging condition from one place to another. With castor wheels that can be locked, these may slide or stand at a place without any ambiguity. Also, out of the four wheels two have brakes, making portability easier.

Variety of Skips

There are various designs available for skips. Some are used to carry one hanging disposal bag, while some has two or three. Again, some comes with a foot pedal operated flap to close the mouth of the disposal bag hung on the skip. There are many others with lots of extra rods to accommodate more hung and folded linens.

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