5 Tips for Finding the Right Wooden Staircase for Your Home

Whether you are remodelling your present home or planning to build a new one, having attractive stairs, which synchronises with the décor, is of utmost importance. However, achieving this is not a simple task. Considering the wide range of options, you may come across. Identifying the ideal one can turn out to be a daunting process. 

Wooden Staircase
Wooden Staircase
Worry no more, as this article reveals some of the finest tips to utilize for discovering the right wooden staircase and that too with minimal complications. So, without any further ado, let's focus on what these tips are and find out how beneficial they can be. 

5 Important Tips to Look When Purchasing Wood Staircase

There are five tips that can help you unleash the best staircase for your home and these are: 
  1. Form a budget: The first and perhaps the most important step is to formulate an accurate budget for the purchase. While working on it, there are certain elements that you must make a note of such as, your priorities, the quality of wood you want to invest on, the components of the staircase along with the associated materials that will be essential for its installation. 
  2. Know the type of wood: Not every wooden staircase is the same. Rather, they differ in terms of their appeal and quality. For instance, teak is a fine-grained yellowish brown wood composed of natural oils that keep it durable and pest proof, while oak is a hard open-grained wood that comes in golden colour with resistance against warping and shrinking.  
  3. Shape & Size of Staircase: Just as the type of wood, even their shape and size are equally important. An ideal staircase should be around 80 cm wide while its pitch must be about 2 m with an angle of elevation equivalent to 42 degrees. On an average, they consist of 35 consecutive steps. However, if the steps are more than that then there should be a change in direction of minimum 30 degrees. 

  4. Wooden Staircase
    Wooden Staircase
  5. Supporting components: The staircase will remain incomplete without its associated components. This is the reason why you should always consider both the stairway along with the components when making the purchase. The staircase has two different parts, i.e. riser and tread. The riser is defined as the vertical section between stairs, while tread is the place to be stepped on. Then comes winders and stringers, which support these two parts of the staircase. 
  6. Affordability: At last, never forget to consider the expenses that will be involved both in the purchase and in the installation of wooden staircase. When working on the cost, make sure that you find a perfect balance between price and quality, because at the end of the day staircase is a long-term investment and you need to take the best decision.

Some Other Points to Consider

Points to along with the five major points mentioned above, you need to take care of a few aspects, some of these are: 

Wooden Staircase
Wooden Staircase
  • Explore creative wooden staircase designs and styles that would be suitable for your home, you can even consult a professional for the same.
  • Do consider the weight of the staircase, as there are certain woods, which are light in weight while others are comparatively heavier, opt for the preferable one.
  • Make sure that you comply with the building restrictions and codes in terms of load-bearing, railing specifications, and dimensions.
So, if you are out there looking for the best amongst the best wooden staircase then do have these tips by your side. You will see how the entire process of selection of right wooden staircase becomes convenient and simple.  

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