The Benefits And Types Of Asphalt Tennis Court Services

Without any doubt, tennis is one of the most widely played sports in the world, and having a tennis court in your residential property can be an exciting thing. There are companies available that can help you get a tennis court constructed in just couple of days. As a matter of fact, there are many options available when it comes to choosing a tennis court surface, such as grass courts, clay courts, and asphalt courts. Among them, the one that has been gaining a lot of popularity these days is none other than the asphalt court, which is also known as the hard court.
Before you start looking for asphalt tennis court services, there are few things you need to know. First of all, let us check out the basic things. Hard tennis court features a layer of asphalt, which in turn is covered with certain materials. When compared to other types of tennis courts, the asphalt court is undoubtedly the faster one, and hence it is usually preferred by the professionals. If you want to take your tennis to a higher level or want to enjoy a fast game then go for the asphalt tennis court.

Asphalt Tennis Court
Asphalt Tennis Court

More About Asphalt Tennis Court Services

Apart from the aspect of agility, there are many more advantages associated with the hard tennis court. If you are looking for something that requires very less maintenance then the option of asphalt tennis court is the best one for you. All you need to do is clean the asphalt court once in a month, which makes it really suitable for the private house owners, schools, apartments, sports centre, and municipalities. It doesn’t require any professional cleaning services to maintain the physical condition of the court.
Customization is the other major advantage you can enjoy with the asphalt tennis court. You can choose from a wide range of colours, as per the look of your home. You can also customize the aspects like cushioning of the tennis court, speed, and other factors. So, it really becomes easy to customize the nature of the court as per your requirements. Moreover, the same tennis court can be used for other sports as well, such as basketball.

Types of Asphalt Tennis Courts

For those who do not know, tennis court made from asphalt encompasses compacted road rocks, featuring size between 4 inches and 6 inches. Once the rocks are installed, a layer of asphalt is applied over it, and the thickness remains around 1 inch. In that coating, acrylic colour is also used as per the preference of the client. If you take a deeper look into the world of asphalt tennis court services, you will get two options to choose from; and they are:
  • Standard Tennis Court:
    After the installation of the rocks and asphalt layer, the court is left for two weeks for the purpose of curing. It is during the curing phase when the colouring process takes place. In order to make the court almost smooth, two layers of acrylic materials are applied to the asphalt, which in turn removes all the major imperfections. The acrylic material also repairs the minor damages.
  • Cushioned Tennis Court:
    This kind of asphalt tennis court is more popular among the residential users. The reason behind is the softness it provides to the joints in the legs. When you play on a standard asphalt tennis court, you do feel a bit of strain on the joints, which can be damaging in the long run. So, it is better to spend a little more money and go for that extra cushioning of the tennis court. In this case, rubberized cushioning is applied to the court’s surface.
Try to remember these points as they can help you make valuable decisions.

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