5 Vital Considerations Before Buying Gel Seat Cushions!

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word cushion? Comfort right? The presence of a cushion is therefore very important in providing you with absolute comfort so that you can be pain-free. With the technology roaring there are many options to choose from, be it be any field. The same is the case with the seat cushions created for wheelchairs.

Cushions in wheelchairs have to be given supreme importance because the patient will be sitting on it for almost the entire day. Therefore, the seat cushion has to be such that along with the presence of comfort, there is also some added benefits. Sitting in the same position for hours can be a danger to the spine structure. Thus, a good seat cushion must prevent you from this.

Till now, the gel seat cushions have been one of the top choices when it comes to considering a seat cushion for the wheelchairs.

Gel Seat Cushionsfor Wheelchair

Cushions for wheelchairs can be tricky because the patient has to sit on it for long hours and it can be an extremely tedious and uncomfortable if the seat cushion is not chosen properly!  Let us look at the other 5 vital considerations before buying the best gel seat cushions for your wheelchair.

1. The price

The first thing that you would want to consider is the price of the gel seat cushions. They can be cheap and expensive to everything in between. You need to buy a gel seat cushion that is sure to be worthy of its price. There are some gel seat cushions that have high-quality and have bio-engineered gel that has comfortable with an affordable price. Therefore, it is advisable that you do not go by the price in judging the seat cushions. 

2. The type of gel used

Nowadays, there are many types of gel that is used by various brands for products. It is important to understand that these gels are different for different products. The best choice till now for gel seat cushion is to buy an ultra-soft visco-elastic gel that is considered because of many amazing properties other than providing comfort to the patients. The best part about this type of gel is that they reduce pressure on the spine and also disperse the body’s pressure in such a way along the cushion that prevents pressure sores too! 

3. Dimensions and size

while people give more importance to the comfort factor and the price, the dimension and size of the seat is an underrated factor that should be given more importance. The size and dimension of the seat will distribute the pressure and creates the said comfort.

Gel Seat Cushions

4. Lightweight

This is another important factor to consider because you might need a cushion that is easily accessible and portable. Especially, if you plan to move in a car or to the office etc. therefore, you need to consider buying a gel seat cushion from a brand that pays special attention to the portability factor. There are gel seat cushions available in the market that can be used for long-distance travel. 

5. The comfort factor

While all the factors are to be given equal importance, comfort is something that cannot be compromised with. Therefore, people give comfort utmost importance before buying gel seat cushions. The thickness of the gel seat cushions, its size and stability along with body conforming features that must give you the best comfortable design. Along with all these factors, the durability and the lifespan of the gel seat cushion is of equal consideration. Therefore it is also important to take good care of it!

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