How to Select the Perfect Parquetry Dining Table for Your Space?

Parquetry furniture is becoming a rage amongst people who wish to give a classy tinge to their house. This geometric assortment of wood pieces is used on furniture as well as for flooring at homes for a decorative effect.
  • As a replacement for the marble flooring that required constant maintenance, large diagonal squares were introduced in 1684 as parquet de menuiserie (woodwork parquet).
  • A parquet dining table is one of the most common forms of parquet furniture that is a preferred choice amongst house owners for giving their dining space a contemporary yet vintage look. While you can follow your imagination, and get a customized parquet dining table for your space according to your taste and style, you should consider a few factors before choosing the right option.
  • Now you can also make your dining traditional and install these dining tables in your home. You can accommodate maximum people in your dining area by choosing this dining furniture. 
Parquetry Dining Table
Parquetry Dining Table

How to Select the Right Parquet Dining Table?

#1. Style and Patterns 
Parquet is marked by angular and geometrical patterns such as triangles, squares, herringbone, lozenges and others. You can choose amongst the classic styles of glass planks for minimal lines and design, or the herringbone surface, which is a popular choice owing to its durable and white style. These classic styles can give quite an elegant look to your dining space. 

#2. Unique yet bespoke 
Before selecting the dining table, make sure that it matches and conforms to the surrounding dining space as well as the overall look of the house. A unique but unharmonious piece that does not blend with the space it is kept at would give an off-putting look. Thus, make sure the color, texture, and design is in harmony with the colors of the wall, while still being unique in its own way. You can even get one customized according to the specific requirements. Else, if you choose the readymade one then you should pick the matching or contrast colored dining table for your home.  

#3. Shape and Size
Choosing a parquet table of the right shape and size is vital for comfortable eating. For finding the right size of the table according to your space, you should first measure the table-to-wall clearance as well as table-to-furniture clearance if there is other furniture in the room. When it comes to shape, round tables are great for small spaces, while pedestal tables offer more legroom. For a larger family or for a lifestyle involves hosting a number of guests every once in a while, a rectangular parquet table could be the right choice for you.

Parquetry Dining Table
Parquetry Dining Table
#4. Durability
In addition to being stylish, your dining table should also be rigid and durable to survive for years to come. While an oak veneer top may look elegant, a strong lacquer coating would ensure its longevity. You can use these dining tables for more than two decades without any problems. Only you need to polish or repaint the table after a certain time to give it a new look.  

#5. Right retailer 
After narrowing down your requirements for a suitable parquet table, make sure you purchase it from a reputable and trusted retailer. You must read the specifications of the product carefully before buying to ensure a quality purchase. Also, only the right retailer would provide you the iron-clad warranty for the table, making it a trustable purchase. 

While parquet dining room furniture is famous for its style and eclectic appearance, you should buy one wisely after studying its various facets and while considering your exact requirements. You can also refer to a professional table designer or a company for getting an extended knowledge on parquetry tables. 

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