Different Types And Benefits Of Coloured Concrete Sealer

Whether you have a decorative concrete driveway or a nice concrete patio, you may want to ensure that you do whatever you can to keep it attractive and colourful at all times. Choosing the right sealer from an extensive range of coloured concrete sealer can help protect your concrete surface while offering numerous additional benefits. Concrete sealer is placed on the concrete surface as a protective layer. You can use these sealers for indoor as well as outdoor applications. No matter which type of concrete sealers you choose, you can still experience several benefits. Sealers are necessary for concrete surfaces, especially after staining, stamping, and epoxy flooring. In general, sealers are applied on the concrete surface to protect it from any damage, cracks, and corrosion. Sealers create a non-porous layer which prevents such materials from passing. Top quality, extensive range of coloured concrete sealer will block up to 99% moisture. So, let us have a look at some different types of concrete sealers:

Colored Concrete Sealer
Colored Concrete Sealer

Types of Coloured Concrete Sealers

  • Enhancing Concrete Sealers: As the name suggests, this concrete sealer is usually used to enhance the look of concrete surface. They form a thick protective layer on top of concrete surface. These sealers can be shiny, satin, matter, semi-gloss, or no-gloss. If you need additional colour, pigments can be added to some of these sealers.
  • Gloss Sealers: Gloss concrete sealer has a high percentage of solid content. This extensive range of coloured concrete sealer is a great choice for darkening stamped concrete surfaces, brick pavers, or exposed aggregate. High-quality gloss sealers give “wet look”. Moreover, it can restore the faded original colour of the surface.
  • Acrylics: These concrete sealers are also used for enhancing the appearance of coloured, stamped, and exposed-aggregate. In addition to this, acrylics often dry in an hour.
  • Polyurethanes: They can be used for interior as well as exterior applications. Since they provide good resistance, they can be used in areas which receive high traffic.
  • Epoxies: These sealers are available as clear or pigmented, if you desire to add colour. Epoxies usually impart glossy finish.

Why Coloured Concrete Sealers?

  • Enhances Colour: Concrete surfaces undergo discolouration when they are exposed to external elements. This can make your concrete look gloomy or old. High-quality extensive range of coloured concrete sealer can protect your concrete from elements and keep your concrete's colour intact. Moreover, concrete sealers give a clean and sharp look for an extended period of time.
  • Protection: External elements can easily damage your concrete, so it is important to take care of it. For this, coloured concrete sealers are available which can protect concrete surfaces from UV rays, tough stains, and oil spills.
  • Promotes Durability: Since sealer protects concrete from damage and cracks, it increases the durability of your concrete surfaces. If you want to make sure your concrete look stunning, colourful, and healthy, extensive range of coloured concrete sealer is a wise choice.
  • Restricts Mould: Concrete absorbs moisture as it is porous. Moulds are created if the absorbed moisture does not dry. It can cause discolouration, if left wet for extended period of time. Coloured concrete sealers restrain mould and protect concrete surface.
  • Helps Repel Moisture: As mentioned above, moisture can easily seep into concrete surfaces and can cause damage. Extensive range of coloured concrete sealer can help create a thin film of protection against moisture.
  • Revive Old Floors: The age of concrete surfaces can be evident by how drab and lifeless it is. A simple coat of coloured concrete sealer can help restore its original colour, glossiness, breathing new life to it all over again.

All in all, coloured concrete sealers are cost-effective, easy to apply, and durable solutions to protect concrete surfaces and give them an attractive and appealing look.

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