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Due to the digital setup, we have lost the essence of printing and thus hard copies are no more desirable for anyone. Moreover, since we are constantly focusing on saving energy and trees thus hard copies are desired only when you need them the most.
Poster Printing
But when it comes to poster making, it is a completely different world. What you design on the desktop is most of the times completely different from what actually gets printed. And sometimes the contrast can be too much to handle and is not desirable at all. Thus, the best part is to make sure that your design comes out exactly like what you want in the printed format.

Thus, here is a Quick Guide to Professional Poster Printing Services:

  1. CMVY Vs. RGB: If you are thinking of professional poster printing services, then make sure that you are working in the CMVY space. In case you are working in RGB, then make sure you convert your poster into CMVY. RGB has a greater choice of colors which is missing in CMVY but CMVY is used mostly by the professional printers. Thus, if you don’t convert your digital poster into CMVY then the dark colors like green and blue can look quite out of place in the final printed poster.
  1. Right resolution: You must remember that correct resolution makes too much of a difference in your professional poster printing services. Your digital poster should not be less than 300 DPI at any cost. If it is less than 300 DPI then you can see that the final poster is quite blurred and the colors and images have not come out precisely.
  1. Right Size: Just as the right resolution, correct size for professional poster printing services is equally important. Some of the most common printing sizes are A2 (594mm x 420mm), A3 (420mm x 297mm) and A4 (297mm x 210mm). Other than this, paper choice and weight are some other determinants which bring out the best in professional printing services. Some of the most common paper weights are 170gsm Silk or Gloss Art FSC or 150gsm where GSM stands for Gram per square meter.
  1. Sending the Digital Poster: You must remember that only designing a poster is not important. But sending it is also an important determinant in professional poster printing services. There are many ways of sending a digital poster but make sure that you use the correct way. You can either send the digital poster in a PDF format or images of the digital poster in JPEG format. Make sure that both the JPEG and PDF format should not be less than 300 DPI. You can also send images from your smart phones for printing in JPEG format but the demerit in sending the images in JPEG format is that the edges are cut and the colors are also a bit shifted and dull.
  1. Digital Printing vs Litho Printing: In case of professional poster printing services make sure that you make a correct choice between digital printing and litho printing. Digital Printing is the most commonly used printing choice whereas litho printing is something which is an advanced version of a digital printing. Litho printing is mostly used when you want an output which is higher than A3. Moreover, in litho printing, the plates are made where images are pasted. Thus, it is a time consuming and expensive process when compared to digital printing.
Thus, above given are some of the very simple but equally important determinants which will help you immensely to bring out the best in your final print output.

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