Different Types of Bicycle Goods Trailers and Their Accessories

A bicycle goods trailer is a smart and a clever way of multiplying the carriage capacity of a bicycle. Some of these are really huge in size and can hold everything from your groceries, books, fruits and vegetables to even your kids! But they do have some other popular uses as well other Popular uses of Bicycle trailer.

While a Bicycle goods trailer is certainly used for transporting cargo from one place to the other. Some of its other popular uses are:

  • To have a recreational ride with kids
  • Take your pets for a ride
  • To carry that drink cooler out on a picnic
  • To carry heavy sports equipment when going for practices

You can easily find a number of tutorials online that teach some of the easiest ways to create a bicycle trailer. Some of them even go to the length of using only recycled materials which eliminate the need of welding.

Bicycle Goods Trailers
Bicycle Goods Trailers

Bicycle trailer for cargo or goods

One of the primary uses of a bicycle goods trailer is to carry heavy cargoes or the goods around on long trips. Since all the weight of the goods is put on the wheels, it feels much lighter and is also easier to handle than handling the cargo on a bike. The heavy weight of the cargo or the extra length of the trailer does not affect the performance of the handles.

Cargo trailers are not just easy to wheel around a long distance, but these are also easy to unhook so the cargo can be left behind at its destination.

Most of the bicycle goods trailers are very smartly designed nowadays. Once they are detached from the bicycle, they are converted into wheeled carts. These wheeled carts are convenient to be carried around grocery stores, farmers market or can be directly stationed into the house with the cargo still loaded on to it.

Different types of Cargo Trailers

Bicycle goods trailers are basically categorized in two different types, these are:

1. Single Wheel trailers
A single wheel goods trailer is easier to tow and has less drag when compared to the two-wheel trailers. These are a perfect choice when the terrain is narrow and single. However, these can make loading and unloading a little difficult. Also, it is important to see that these are perfectly balanced.

2. Two Wheel trailers
Since these trailers have two wheels, they are definitely easier to maintain and balance. Two-wheel bicycle goods trailers also make it easy to load and unload cargo and these can also be conveniently stored. Unlike, single wheel trailers, there is no stress on keeping them balanced while loading and unloading.

Bicycle Goods Trailers
Bicycle Goods Trailers

Accessories for Cargo Trailers

Even though cargo trailers are a very convenient piece of machine, there are several accessories that can be used with these to make them more functional. The most popular ones are:

  • Gear Bags:  Most of the cargo trailers come with gear bags. These are compatible and available in different sizes and their basic function is to keep the gear in an organized, clean, and dry manner.
  • Spare mounts or Skewers: The basic function of a spare mount or a skewer is that it allows a single cargo trailer to be used with different bicycles.
  • Hitch arm or mount: Some cargo trailers include attachment systems that are swappable. Such systems make them compatible with different sizes of wheels, different rear axles and brake configurations. These are especially useful for commercial purposes where a number of cargo trailers are used together at one place.

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