Why VW Dealer Promotes VW TDI Clean Diesel Lineup?

Over the years, the prices of gas fuel have increased way beyond imagination, putting a question mark on the affordability of cars. Basically, even until a few years back, the market had only one option in cars that were gasoline run models. But the diesel engine technology in cars has advanced in the past few decades to offer the market an economic option as well. One of the car brands which surfaced as a preferred diesel brand is the VW. According to VW dealer it was the TDI clean diesel lineup, in the VW cars which heightened the demand of VW diesel cars in the market. These new car models highly influenced the market and targeted the customers looking for budget friendly cars. The cars come with a myriad of advantages like:

VW Dealer
VW Dealer

Fuel Economy

The series of Volkswagen TDI clean diesel vehicles offer excellent performance. When recorded and brought into comparison with one of VW’s TSI gas models it was found that the gas driven car offered 37 miles per gallon of gas while the TDI lineup of diesel engine car, surpassed the gas one by 45 miles per gallon. This easily shows the extensive efficiency and performance rate offered by the VW diesel cars.

Easy Availability

Finding hardship in spotting a diesel junction are stories of bygone days. Nowadays, diesel pump stations are also becoming widely popular since even the heavy vehicles need to get diesel filled daily for running. Nowadays, people look for cheaper and affordable options in cars. Thus, diesel vehicles are a rage. Therefore, even new diesel pumps are coming up. Besides, this is the internet age and you can easily locate diesel stations around you, or on your drive route with the help of diesel station locators.

Extensive Model ranges from VW

The VW dealer gets applause for customer convincing as well. This is because the VW TDI lineup has a variety of models suitable for all ages and requirements. Currently VW has more than one diesel vehicle available including some of its best market influencing models like Jetta Sedan, Beetle Coupe, Touareg SUV, Golf Hatchback, etc.

VW Dealer
VW Dealer

Advance Diesel Technology in VW

One of the strong convincing factors that have helped the VW dealers get hold of the market is the advanced diesel technology it brought in its VW TDI lineup range of cars. Earlier diesel cars were often not preferred by consumers owing to its loud sound, low mileage, etc. However, with the VW diesel vehicles you will get to experience quiet, comfortable, pretty impressive performance drives. Some of the exclusive advantages of the VW diesel cars are:

  • Unlike gas driven cars, diesel cars do not demand a high revving to acquire best acceleration rates and performance.
  • When run on low speed, diesel cars often tend to give you a more powerful ride compared to gas driven cars.
  • Diesel vehicles have high end torque compared to gas-oriented ones, and this is the reason why they have higher towing capacity. This is the basic reason why heavy vehicles like trucks and other construction vehicles are diesel run. So, for those drivers who love the extra power, the high-end torque of VW diesel cars can help you to experience the boost in power.

However, not every car will impress you. Before buying any car one of the basic rules is to take a test drive and that is even applicable for the best diesel VW models available in the market and you can essentially demand for a test drive from any VW dealer you are dealing with.

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