How Would You Prevent the Problem of Blocked Drain?

Blocked drains are a common problem and if you want to prevent such issue then you need to maintain a few simple steps. Initially, people do not consider the importance of drain care, but the drains can get completely blocked in the near future and requires the help of an emergency plumber in such a case. Blocked drain can also reduce the life expectancy of your drainage system. Now you can easily clear your drain with some DIY techniques, and you can use some household things to clear your clogged drainage system. But if there is any major problem such as tree root penetration inside the underground drainage system, then you must call the professional plumber to deal with it. Only trained and licensed plumbers or drain cleaning services can provide you blocked drains repairing facility. They can competently fix the damage or leakage through pipelines with new set of PVC pipes. So, at the initial stage, try out some DIY techniques to clear the blocked drain and if you are not able to solve the issue then call the plumber.

Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

#5 Tips to prevent blocked drain issues

  1. You need to place a plug screen or mesh on the plugholes to prevent debris, and you must clean these screens on a regular basis. You need to place these screens on your kitchen sink and bathroom plugholes because these screens will prevent food particles from going down into the sink, and similarly prevent hair and toiletries from going down inside the bathroom drains. Through this way, you can prevent the blocked drain problems. Apart from that, you must place a dustbin in your bathroom and kitchen to store the household debris.
  2. Do not even try to flush out grease or oil through your kitchen’s sink because your drainage system can easily flush out the water, milk, and other liquids, but oil and grease can easily attract more debris inside the drain.
  3. Apart from that, you should not throw the toiletries and baby wipes inside the toilet because these items can easily store inside the drainage system and block your toilet. You can use some drain cleaning solutions to clear the drainage system and you can easily find some eco-friendly drain cleaners in the market. But do not use any harmful chemicals for cleaning the drains, because they can cause many health hazards in the future.
  4. To use some household items for cleaning the blocked drain, you can pour some hot water mixed with baking soda inside the drain. Even you can also add some salt and vinegar in the warm water to flush out your deposited garbage from the drain.
  5. There are some DIY tools available for drain cleaning and you can use a plunger to plug out the deposited debris from the drain. But this is a malicious work and the foul smell from the drain can cause breathing issues. So, it is better to call a professional drain cleaning service to identify the issue and clear the drain.
Blocked Drain
Blocked Drain

Hire the blocked drain cleaning services for tree roots problem

Cooking oil, grease, soap scum, hair, toiletries, food ingredients, and tree roots are the major causes of blocked drains. You need to avoid such things to prevent any clogged drain issue, but you cannot control the growth of the tree roots from the underground areas. In that case, you can reline the drain with PVC materials and these PVC pipes can prevent moisture. So, tree roots cannot get attracted with these PVC pipes and you can prevent such underground drainage problems.

So, if you find any leakages or blockages in your drainage system then you can search for drain cleaning professionals online. They will inspect the drainage system and provide you a quote. Then you can compare their quote and choose an affordable drain cleaning service.

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