Optometrist- The Specialist of Eye and Vision

The eye doctor who has earned the degree of OD (Doctor of Optometry) is known as an Optometrist. A person has to complete four years course in an optometry college which leads to this OD degree. Their CV is quite similar to that of a dentist. Optometrists are the doctors who can be visited both for health problem and vision. They suggest you the correct spectacles and precautions to be taken in order to protect your eyes from various hazards. If there is need for vision therapy they can provide you with one but the charge is generally a bit high for such therapy. They can also provide you with pre and post treatment of a surgery which is done by other eye doctors.

The following are the Duties of an Optometrist:
  • Check vision.
  • Prevent care for vision problems such as farsightedness and eye diseases.
  • Promotion of eye care through setting up free eye check programs.
  • Suggest eyeglasses, visual aids and correct contact lens for eye problems.
  • Provide with therapies for low and strong vision.
Things to be Considered while you are Choosing an Optometrist

There are many things to be considered while you are choosing an optometrist. You cannot go to any eye doctor as our eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Only prescribed and correct treatment should be taken for eye care. The things that should be taken into consideration are as follows:
  1. Know your problem first: The first thing that you should do is know your problem. Try to solve it yourself first if it is a very minor one. If it is a major one then go for an eye doctor. There is a huge difference between optometrist, ophthalmologist and optician. So make your decision wisely.
  2. What is the experience of eye doctor: You should consider the years of his/her experience as it is the most important factor. If your optometrist is not much experienced the possibilities are that your problem will remain unsolved.
  3. Experienced staff: In the clinic the staff should be experienced too. This will help both the doctor and the patient. Experienced staff ensures smooth functioning of the appointment and they can be called the back bone of the doctors.
  4. Warranty of the spectacles and the frames provided by the doctor or his clinic: There should be minimum two years warranty for both the frame and the spectacle. This warranty should include both replacement and repairing at free cost or at minimal cost. If by any chance there is a scratch in the lens it should be either replaced with new one or remade without any charges.  Warranty should be there for coatings too.
  5. Variety of styles in frames and contact lens: There should be wide variety of spectacles and sunglasses offered by the clinic. The glasses provided by them should be of minimized cost. This is because the patient is already paying appointment fees to optometrist.
  6. The appointment fees: This is another important factor you should remember while choosing an eye doctor. The consultancy fees should be not too high and beyond your budget. Generally, experienced eye doctor overcharge his/her patients.
  7. After appointment services: You should check whether the doctor is providing you after check up services or not. After check up services means if you have any problem with your last visit you can call him up or visit again. Generally, the doctors do not charge anything for these services.
These are the few factors you should take into consideration while going for an eye treatment. Getting an optometrist is not that difficult task if you do it wisely and carefully. Instead of panicking about your vision problem you should calm down and think about visiting an eye doctor.

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