What Are the Causes of Back Pain Pregnancy and How to Get Rid of Back Pain Through Suitable Methods?

Pregnancy is such a period when the would-be mother has to be very cautious. During the first trimester and also during the first few months of pregnancy one has to be very careful regarding the body posture and the painful situation that can occur in the back and shoulder side. Pillows, cushions, and backrests do not always help to prevent the level of back pain, and back pain pregnancy thus becomes one of the major causes of the concern for women. According to osteopathological experts and gynecologists, back pain can occur during the first few months, and this can be tackled by mild stretching exercises and even by yoga postures.

The misalignment between the torso and the back

Back pain pregnancy can be the cause of the misalignment during the first few months, as there is a constant misalignment between the torso and the back during this stage, causing real pain. There can be issues related to weight and the feeling is quite similar to wearing a backpack on the front part of the woman’s body, rather than on her back. Since there are major hormonal changes during this period and the ligaments and joints of the body prepare a woman to invite a new guest, backpain during pregnancy becomes more acute if not treated well in the early months.

Back Pain Pregnancy
Back Pain Pregnancy

What are the causes of backpain during pregnancy? Get to know the reasons

Back pain pregnancy occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Weight gain issues: During the third or fourth month of pregnancy, it is very common for women to gain weight and this amounts to gaining at least 5-6 kgs minimum. This has an effect on the spine and it also has an effect on the growing uterus causing back pain during pregnancy.
  • Changes in posture: Pregnancy leads to a constant shift in the center of gravity. As a result, there is a continuous change in the posture of the body which might result into the occurrence of unexpected form of back pain.
  • Hormonal changes and back pain: During pregnancy the body makes an overdose of the relaxing hormones. This allows the ligaments in the pelvic areas to get relaxed and the joints of the body become loose to allow the woman to accept the birth of a child. This same hormone also leads to the loosening of the ligaments in the spinal cord, thus leading to acute back pain pregnancy.
  • Backpain pregnancy caused due to separation of muscles: During pregnancy there is the expansion of the uterus. There are two separate sheets of muscles in this case. One is the rectal abdominis muscles which are located covering the area of the rib cage to the pubic bone, and these muscles might get disjointed at the central seam which joins them. This muscle separation might also worsen the back-pain pregnancy in women.
  • Apart from all these causes, there can also be the release of acute stress hormones which might lead to certain forms of back pain.
Back Pain Pregnancy
Back Pain Pregnancy

What can be the probable treatments for back pain pregnancy?

Although many women try to take certain steps regarding the reduction of back pain pregnancy all by themselves, it is always better to consult the concerned gynaecologist in this case. Hot and cold compression, brisk walking, yoga, and improving the posture while standing or sitting may actually contribute a lot in reducing the back-pain pregnancy.

In certain cases, back pain during pregnancy can also be controlled by using acupuncture or soft massage methods. In this connection, it is advisable to consult a registered medical practitioner in any case.

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