Few Common Mistakes with Security Risk Assessment

Security risk assessment is an important step towards protecting your employees and entire organization. It is also necessary to make sure that you are submissive to the laws related to safety. If you find out straightforward solutions to the problems, certain risks can be controlled. For example, if the water spilled on the floor is wiped up immediately, it will eliminate the risk of somebody slipping over. But for the large organization, you cannot control the security and safety measurements without any security risk assessment report.

Why would you need security risk assessment reports?

Security risk assessment is an in-depth analysis of workplace in order to know what can cause danger to people. The result drawn from this assessment will help you to come up with the solutions to be safe from these dangers. Health issues or workplace accidents can spoil the life of any employee or can ruin your business also. The loss of information, damage to machinery or injuries to an employee can drop you into serious troubles. Therefore, it legally required to assess security risks at your company in order to make a strategy to control the identified risks. So with these assessment reports, you can find the loopholes in your organizational setup and you can easily install enough security tools to protect your employees as well as company.

Security Risk Assessment
Security Risk Assessment

#5 misconceptions regarding security risk assessment that must be avoided

  1. Risk assessment is just a document- Although it is necessary to properly document a security risk assessment in order to circulate it to others for information and review, it only a part of the process. Incorporating an informed risk assessment in your strategy will ensure the analysis risk at initial level. Even you can also produce these documents to your insurance company to reduce your business insurance premium.
  2. Security risk assessments are not custom made to your company- Most of the offices have similar types of dangers, but there are specific areas which completely differ from others. Therefore, it is important to consider the risks which are specific to your company activities and employees. Don’t follow a generic approach.
  3. Employing an assessor who is not proficient- Person employed for security risk assessment should be capable of identifying any risks at your workplace. He or she must know what will be considered as acceptable and what preventive measures can be taken to prevent health hazards in your workplace. If the person is not knowledgeable enough to have relevant attributes, you may land yourself in problematic situation by using wrong controlling measures. You must select the assessor on the basic of their skills and experience relevant to your work environment.
  4. No involvement of employees in risk assessment process- One of the most important parts of security risk assessment is involving the employees during and after the process. The control measures are taken for the safety of the employees and hence, involving them in the assessment will help them to have a good understanding of why they are put at the place. It will also make them follow the steps taken rather than opposing them.
  5. Thinking you are secured- Thinking that you are secured, just because you have documented security risk assessment will really be a wrong conception. Many things can suddenly happen in your business which will bring a risk to it. This can be due to wrong working practices, new machinery or newly employed personnel. Documenting the risks is only an initial step of assessment. Its success will be marked by the how you manage and prevent the identified risks.
Security Risk Assessment
Security Risk Assessment
So, these are the mistakes you must avoid having a full-proof risk assessment plan and ensure safety of your workplace and employees.

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