Know Your Face and Skin Tone to Choose the Right Pair or Sunglasses

You must choose a pair of sunglasses considering your face type and complexion to look beautiful wearing it. Sunglasses Toowoomba is not only a mere summer accessory but also beauty and style quotient. Apart from protecting your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun they reduce fatigue and add an accord to your overall image.

Different Types of Face Shapes

In order to determine your face shape, stand at arm’s length from the mirror and use a washable marker, a pencil, soap or lipstick to draw the outline of your face. Start from your chin and end with your hairline. Now, look at the shape.
  • If you have a round face shape then consider buying rectangular, pointed and square sunglasses with narrow bridges. Use cat’s eye, butterfly, aviators, or wayfarers’ glasses. Avoid taking round glasses with narrow frames or sharply defined edges. Also, avoid buying geometrical glasses with colored lenses that will cover your eyebrows.
  • For oval faces choose glasses with smooth lined rectangular, oval or round frames. Choose butterfly, aviator and cat’s eyeglasses. Avoid taking sharply defined edges, too massive and too wide glasses and narrow frames.
  • Large glasses with equal width to that of your face, colored frames that are oval, round, or teardrop-shaped suit best for square shaped faces. You can use frameless cat’s eye and aviators. Avoid selecting square frames having sharp corners or and small, narrow and petite frames.
  • For rectangular faces, large framed sunglasses are the best suited. You can use round glasses aviators. However, narrow frames, small glasses with bright and colorful frames are not suitable for rectangular faces.
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, choose round glasses with small frames and narrow bridge. Make sure that the glasses have low-set arms with aviators or wayfarers. You can also choose frameless glasses and neutral or bright colored frames. Avoid strictly heavy and large frames or sharp and pointed outlines.
  • Lastly, for triangular faces, round glasses without any bright colors or decorations are the best. Avoid selecting dark tinted lenses on square or rectangular frames.

The Color Factors

Choice of sunglasses also depends on your skin tone, a color of eyes and your hair apart from the face shape to complement best with your overall features.

Skin tones are either warm or cool regardless of the color. A cool complexion will usually have blue or pink traces and on the other hand, a warm skin will have yellow, peach or cream color cast. If your skin is a combination of blue and yellow, then it will be considered as an olive skin.
Eye color has different variations and that is why it is considered as the second element in determining the right type of sunglasses. For example, if you have blue eyes the glasses can be a cool blue that is almost violet. On the other hand, a warm blue is considered to have a pale blue-grey tinge. Similarly, brown eyes also vary from the warm light cider shade to medium brown or black cool variant.

Hair colors are warm or cool. While cool hair types will be strawberry blond, white, platinum, blue-black, Auburn, ash brown or salt-and-pepper the warm hair colors include golden blond, dirty grey, brownish black, golden brown.

To choose the right frame colors for your sunglasses you will have to determine whether you are personally "warm" or "cool." Frame colors suitable for warm are a camel, gold, khaki, copper, orange, peach, off-white, coral, fire-engine red, blond tortoise and warm blue. For cool it will be black, rose-brown, silver, blue-grey, magenta, pink, plum, jade, demi-amber and blue.

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