Secrets of Wearing White Fascinators at Weddings

Wearing a fascinator, you can create a better impression and appeal at first look. It does not matter whether these are red, black or white fascinators it is simply a remarkable way to increase your style quotient.

You will look fabulous wearing this headgear in all photographs and even live. Simply pick up the right styles to complement your outfit design, its colour, and cut. All you want in the end is to look gorgeous and not fall out of place.

Wearing fascinators at weddings need special care and concern especially if the wedding is outdoors or on a beach. You will need to keep the fascinators on even when it is windy.

White Fascinators
White Fascinators

Tips to Wear

Whether you are a bride, bridesmaid or a guest, there are few tricks to wear white fascinators in a wedding elegantly. You can wear a fascinator for the whole day.

  • Match your fascinator to the colour of your outfit
  • Choose different shades to match the varying tones of the dress
  • Wear it on one side preferably on the right
  • If you have a parting, then wear the fascinator there
  • If you have very short hair, wear a fascinator that has a hair band
  • Position the headwear properly if it is attached with a comb
  • For thick hair, you must slide the comb backwards
  • For finer hair grip it with a hairpin.

The General Rule

The general rule to follow while wearing white fascinators is to wash your hair the day before the event. This will help you to keep the fascinator in place. Also, consider the colour of your hair to choose the right type of fascinator.

Guide to Wearing Fascinators to Weddings

Wearing a fascinator to a wedding is the most appropriate way to present you provided the bride has specifically mentioned not to. You must follow the dress code of a wedding. If the wedding is in the evening, white fascinators will be more appropriate than a hat. It will add to your personality and your outfit will pull together the desired look.

  • Choose a small and appropriate fascinator for the occasion considering the venue, season as well as your outfit.
  • Choose a fascinator that will complement your body shape.
  • If you are tall wear a low fascinator but a small one is good for a petite.
  • Choose something that you will love to wear and nothing overly loud or large.

There is no need to remove a fascinator in a wedding unless the mother of the bride removes hers.

White Fascinators
White Fascinators

For the Bride and The Mothers

Simple white fascinators are best for the bride whether you are wearing a traditional or modern wedding gown. It should have a veil preferably in cream or ivory so that it provides a cohesive look with your dress.

If you are the mother of the bride, it is good to go traditional and wear the largest fascinator at the wedding. It may also have interesting architectural elements such as feathers or loops to add volume and height.

If you are the mother wear anything that will not overshadow the fascinator. Choose smaller fascinators with exquisite, dramatic details.

For Guest and Others

For the bridal party, bridesmaids and guests it is all fun and frolic, the white fascinators should reveal that excitement. Keep these small, sweet interesting and not overwhelming to match your outfits. It can be in bold colours. They can be cheerful and changed based on the occasion but note, it should not detract the attention from the bride.

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