How to Choose the Perfect Victorian Plaster Ceiling Rose Restoration Specialist

Choosing the perfect Victorian plaster ceiling rose restoration specialist for your Victorian styled room needs to be done with a lot of care and patience. This guide is designed to help you through the necessary considerations you need to make to choose the appropriate service provider.

Victorian Plaster Ceiling Rose
The original use of the now decorative piece called plaster ceiling roses was to act as ceiling centers that were meant to protect the ceiling it was installed upon from the charring and the heat caused by chandeliers lit by candles or gas lamps. In this way, the property owner didn't need to take down the whole ceiling, instead just replace the ceiling centerpiece, which saved time, effort and money. In today's modern world, the Victorian plaster roses provided by the Victorian plaster ceiling rose restoration specialist bring out a kind of antique charm by acting as a fitting backdrop for any decorative lighting. They also serve to reinforce the ceilings of period homes and need to be restored to their original beauty if they have been there for years. You may choose to either repair them or replace them altogether, depending on the level of decay.

The Victorian plaster ceiling rose restoration specialist should be able to provide you with the perfect plaster rose to suit the unique needs of your ceiling. The plaster roses need to be made according to order and need to be delivered while slightly damp, so they can be easier to fit. It should generally not take any longer than a whole week from the day of order for your made-to-order plaster ceiling rose to be delivered or restored to its former glory.

According to experts, it is for the best that the plaster rose for your ceiling is not completely dried out before it is fitted at the proper location. Choosing the perfectly sized plaster rose for the ceiling of your room depends on various factors like the height of the ceiling, the size of the room, and the size of the light fittings.

The Victorian plaster ceiling rose restoration specialist needs to be able to give you practical advice as to how to design the interior decor of your period or modern home in tune with both historically aesthetic and practically viable contexts.

Ceiling Roses
Deciding the right size of the ceiling rose for your room can be a little tricky since there is no one correct answer to this. There exist no specific rules to determine the perfect wooden or plaster moulding to replace the original plaster rose inherited by your property. In case of replacing an older plaster rose, you can afford to change the design, but try not to change the dimensions. However, an expert and experienced restoration specialist will be able to guide you in this regard.

The plaster ceiling roses provided by the Victorian plaster ceiling rose restoration specialist will have petals that are about 2 to 3cm deep so that that the ceiling centerpiece carries the relevant impact. Also, it needs to be considered that once a light is hung from the said ceiling rose, the overall effect of the ceiling center piece will get lessened since it is the light which will now be the focus of the ceiling. If the plaster ceiling rose provided by the specialist is to be used by you along with a huge, majestic chandelier, the size of the ceiling rose needs to be sufficiently large so as not to be overpowered by the fitted lights.

When choosing your restoration specialist, look for someone who is experienced in this field, and comes recommended by others.

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