Know How Did Granite Benchtops Become So Popular for Kitchen

If you go through this article you will come to know about the reasons why granite benchtops are so popular as kitchen benchtops among homeowners, builders and architects.

Granite is the most prized material for kitchen bench tops as well as bathroom vanity units, courtesy the volcanoes! This is a volcanic rock that is formed from the lava flows after cooling and becoming dense and hard over time. It is an attractive stone and its hardness is second to the diamond only when considered on a hardness scale.

Granite Benchtops 

The Characteristics

The characteristics of granite are:
  • It is made of volcano lava that has a mixture of many different stone and minerals. The primary ones are quartz, mica and feldspar.
  • Granite is naturally found in many places all over the globe but the countries where you will find an abundant of granite China, India, Egypt, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Norway, Canada, Italy, United States, Finland, Germany and Portugal to name a few.
  • There are different varieties of granite stone and accordingly the prices vary along with the country it is mined and distance shipped.

Features and Benefits

There are a lot of other varieties of materials that you can use to make your kitchen bench tops but there are a few distinct benefits if using granite benchtops.
  • The most significant benefits come due to its fascinating and unbeatable diamond-hard surface. You can rest assured that it will not crack or chip over time and overuse.
  • Granite bench top is a prestigious material as compared to other top-quality materials but is more affordable than the others.
  • This attractive material is available in different eye captivating colors and patterns.
  • It is also extremely damage and scratch resistant on the surface.
  • It can withstand burn, heat or scorch damages as well with efficiency and ease.
  • Granite stone is also known for its high stain resistant ability.
As for the downside of granite benchtops to protect it and ensure long life of it you will need to seal your granite kitchen bench top. You can do it yourself but make sure you do it at least once in a couple of years.

Some points to consider while Using Granite

No matter how useful and hard a material granite is, there are a few points if concern while working on a granite benchtop.

  • It is due to the diamond-hard feature of granite that can dull knife blades when you work on it.
  • When you put any hot pans on the surface then granite is the best one for it.
  • It is also very useful to use near a cooktop or range it resists heat too well. If sealed properly, it will not even absorb liquids.
  • There are a few specific types of granites available in the market that will not need any sealing as these are treated by the manufacturers before making the bench tops and may last for ten years without and sealing. Other variants will need annual sealing.
  • However, while working in these granite benchtops you must be careful not to drop any heavy objects on the corners of it. This will result in a crack or chip the surface. As this material is pricey, you must ensure extra caution while working on it to protect your investment. 
The downsides of granite are much lesser when compared to its advantages. Once bought it will be a never lasting and stunning possession in your kitchen and you will never repent buying the one. 

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