Facts on Incontinence Pads for Adults

If you are facing bladder leak or incontinence problem and your daily routine has affected adversely due to this issue or you feel ashamed going anywhere, then we have bought you the solution for this problem.   Incontinence pads for adults are the huge relief for the incontinence problems and are an essential item that will help you maintain your dignity and hygienic conditions. These pads make it possible to get you back to normal routine, like travel and sleep freely without soiling your clothes. These pads are designed to absorb the urine leakage and protect your skin from any kind of rashes and allergies. They work the same way diapers work for kids.
Incontinence Pads for Adults

Here is What you Need to Know About Incontinence Pads for Adults

The sizes:  Mostly these pads are available in three sizes:
  1. Medium: Panty liners are the example of medium size incontinence pads. You don’t suffer from a large amount of urinal loss you can use them.
  2. Large: These pads are thicker than panty liner.  It can be used for the moderate amount of urine loss.
  3. Extra-large: They are also known as guards and are used during nights or long travel.

How to Wear them:

They are designed to wear under the underwear to protect the leakage of urine. The way sanitary pads absorb blood these pads absorb urine. The difference is only in the quantity they can absorb. It is very easy to use these pads.

Necessary Precautions:

Here are the precautions to be taken care while helping anyone else wear incontinence pad or while wearing it yourself:
  1. Wash the hands before and after
  2. Call the doctor in case you see any rashes.
  3. Understand the need of the patient.
  4. Apply antiseptic powders as prescribed by a doctor before applying
  5. Change the pad after the right duration. 
  6. They are infectious waste thus they should be double bagged and thrown.

Benefits of Incontinence Pads for Adults

  1. They control the high amount of leak.
  2. They prevent you from public embarrassment.
  3. They are hygienic options.
  4. They are available in different sizes.
  5. 5They are not bulky thus, no one will know if you are wearing them.
  6. They are cheap
  7. They control the bad odour.
  8. They make you mobile again
  9. You can travel long distances
  10. 1They let you sleep comfortably.
  11. They are boon for those who are stuck to wheelchairs or bedridden.
  12. They save you from allergies

Type of Incontinence Products Available in the Market

There is a wide range of incontinence products available in the market from which you can choose from. Some of them are given below:
  1. Pads
  2. Pull-ups
  3. Protective beddings
  4. Protective covers for chair
  5. Swimwear
  6. Unique protective clothing
  7. Disposable products 
  8. Reusable products. 
  9. Skin care products related to incontinence.
  10. Hygiene Products related to incontinence
  11. Tampons for low incontinence issue


The cost of incontinence pads for adults will depend upon your region and the brand but you can get them in the wide range of prices and they are mostly affordable. You can also buy reusable pads that are much cheaper. You should also look for online discounts or whole sellers for better deals.
Adult Incontinence Pads

Can Incontinence Pads for Adults be Replaced with Menstrual Pads?

No, they can’t be replaced because mensural pads are not meant for heavy leakage. They can’t give you total protection.

Now, as you have known how incontinence pads for adults can help, don’t wait and place your order now.

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