Know the Symptoms and Identify Speech and Language Delay for Child

Every child grows with own pace and has different rates of development. Language is one of the first things any child starts to learn. But some children a take long time to start talking this is because of language delay. Language delay is the basic communication disorder which is caused to almost 2% of the total children born each year. The children usually facing the language delay have the problem in speaking and hearing.

Early identification is quite tough when it comes to speech problems. And by the time we identify speech and language delay for a child, it is too late. The child facing the language delay disorder greatly affects their social, academic and personal life. In many regions, people still think that this disorder is by birth and none of the treatments would prove fruitful in this case. But this is not true. This is more of a mental problem than the birth problem and right therapy and treatment can cure this problem of children completely. But first, you need to know the type of disorder your child has.
Language Delay

Identify Speech and Language Delay for Child and Evaluate Appropriate Treatment

There are different types of language delay disorder and it’s important to know the type before starting any treatment procedures. The speech and language delay are its two basic types and one should particularly know about.
  • Speech Delay: Firstly, speech is the form of verbal expression that includes language expression and articulation. When a child has speech delay issues, he might use the phrases and words but could not express it into the meaningful sentence. In other words, they know how to express their ideas, but the listener would fail to understand what he wants to say.
  • Language Delays: Language is the entire system of expressing and receiving information in a quite meaningful manner. The child with language delay can easily pronounce the words but they might fail to put into the sentences. At a very early stage, it is quite difficult to identify speech and language delay for child.
  • Age Group of the Child: There are different age groups at which the problem differs. Though the basic problem remains yet the age of such disorders might vary. To identify the speech and language delay for child, it is very important to understand the verbal pattern which the child of age group understands and how they relate it to their environment. The child with hearing problem does not respond to the vocal sound. In such a case, one should immediately rush to the doctor.

Common symptoms related with speech and language delay for child

  • When the child does not babble at all at the age of 15 months.
  • Does not talk by the age of 2 years.
  • When he is unable to speak even the short sentences by the age of 3.
  • Poor pronunciation, difficulty in following the directions, articulation issues.
  • Difficulty in putting the words appropriately in a sentence etc.
Language Delay
The reason behind such disorders can be many and sometimes it is even related to the mental issues like autism, intellectual disability and so on. We generally know that the premature child too faces the speech and language delay disorders. When child is growing parents must pay full attention to his body language, speech, physical and mental growth. This can help them in early diagnosis of any issue that child might have, and early diagnosis means early treatment. Sooner the treatment starts better the child will grow. 

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