Custom Litho Laminated Boxes and Flexo Cartons- Selection Made Easy

Just imagine what happens when your product gets damaged on the way because of the cheap packaging. All your effort of selling goes in vain and your reputation is also questioned.  No matter how well you produce your goods or how excellent the quality is, the quality of packaging brings all differences. Thus, the packaging of the products is an extremely important factor of any business. Big brands nowadays prefer custom packaging which though is expensive yet has ever lasting impact on the minds of the consumers. When the products are packed in high quality boxes with colourful graphics in it, it at once grabs the attention of the consumers and it also ensures the safety of the product.

Among customized packaging materials, custom litho laminated boxes and flexo cartons are the most popularly used options. These are the type of printed packaging material that is quite high in quality. Litho laminating and flexographic are done in two forms of printing one on the cartons and other on the packaging materials.
Litho Laminated Boxes

Certain Things you should know about Custom Litho Laminated Boxes and Flexo Cartons

The main part of the custom litho laminated boxes and flexo cartons are its designing. There are certain things that one should know before choosing any type of packing material. Have a glimpse on it.
  • Type of product to be packaged: the selection of the packaging materials like cartons, containers, tubes or boxes are generally based on the features of the product. The product specification is quite essential as how much quantity to be packed, how big or small it is whether the material is hard or delicate and many more. Unless and until product description is available, it is difficult to design the custom litho laminated boxes and flexo cartons.
  • Who the end user is: Before you move ahead, know whether the product would be consumed by men, women, children or adults. The graphic designing on customised boxes should be such that it perfectly targets the ideal customers. In other words, the designs should be such that one might know that it is for the use of child, adult, men or women.
  • Brand requirements: when you are aware of the above-mentioned points, you now need to focus on the prerequisites of the brand for selecting custom litho laminated boxes and flexo cartons. These include the colour theme, design, fonts, and logos and so on.
  • Don’t forget about the cost frame: the custom litho laminated boxes and flexo cartons are a bit costly and can be 10 to 20% high as compared to other usual types. You should not invest all the budgets in the customised packaging as it would increase the production cost. To bear this, the owners usually increase the price of the products which somehow affects the market and the potential customers as well.
  • Selection of printing techniques: the design and finishing are given after printing work is done. Basically, three main types of printing are preferred by the people that is digital, litho laminating and flexographic. Flexographic is quite the common form of custom box printing. Litho laminating, on the other hand, is the high-quality printing option chosen by the owners.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, it is equally important to consider the durability of the custom litho laminated boxes and flexo cartons. A packaged product must undergo several hits in course of loading, unloading, transportation. Therefore, such materials should be chosen which can easily bear the external shakes and disturbances. Packaging and keeping any item into the box are two different aspects. Packaging is much elaborate terminology and involves series of steps. Plan every prospect thoughtfully and then execute it especially related to packaging and shipment.

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