Plaster Ceiling Cornice Styles for Different Uses

When it comes to designing the interior of your home, there are various options that are available. There are different designs and patterns that you can experiment to d├ęcor your walls. You can go for specially designed ceilings and the option of cornice appears to be unique. There is different plaster ceiling cornice styles available. The cornices will give a special appeal to the interior of your home and would add to the aristocracy to it

plaster ceiling cornice

Different Types of Plastering Options Available to You

When it comes to plastering there are tons of different options that are available to you. Here are some of them:
  • Lime Plaster: This type of plaster is made of lime mixture along with sand with a ratio of 1:3. When it comes to plaster ceiling cornice styles, using lime plaster is a very popular choice. It offers a smooth and shiny surface to the ceiling.

  • Cement Plaster: In this type of plaster, the ratio of sand and cement is 3:1. These two ingredients are mixed with water to prepare the final material. When it comes to plaster ceiling cornice styles, this is another very common option that is used these days.

  • Gypsum Plaster: This is a new type of plaster choice which is gradually replacing conventional cement and lime plastering. Gypsum plaster has become so popular over the years because the chances of cranking and shrinkage are much less in them. Moreover gypsum plaster is used to create several other plaster types only by varying their temperatures. Hence for the plaster manufacturer these are highly cost friendly materials. They are considered as more popular component in plaster ceiling cornice styles as well. The use of this type of plaster is quite common when it comes to making  ceiling cornice
plaster ceiling cornice

Plaster Ceiling Cornice Styles and Finishes Offered

There are different types of finishes offered by these plasters. When it comes to plaster ceiling cornice styles, these finishes would add special attraction to them. Here are some of the different finishes that can be achieved from different types of plasters.
  • Smooth-Cast Finish: In order to achieve such a finish, the ratio of mortar should be at 1:3 and sand of the fines quality needs to be used
  • Durable Light Diffuser Supply – Metal fabrication services also helps in supplying different kinds of durable and high quality light diffusers. So for diffuser industry these are ready to be installed finishes offered at reasonable price points.
  • Roughcast Finish: In this type of finish, mortar is mixed with coarse aggregate at a ratio of 1:1:5:3. These types of plasters are ideal for the ceiling cornice to be used on the external walls.
  • Sand faced Finish: Two separate coats of plaster are done in order to achieve this type of finish. The mortar ratio for the first coat is 1:4 and it is 1:1 for the second coat. A layer of sand is finally attached to the upper coat
  • Pebbledash Finish: The mortar ration in this type of finish is 1:3. Pebble of different sizes, varying from 10 to 20 mm are pated on the surface of this plaster
  • Scraped Finish: In order to achieve this finish, a steel blade is used to scrap the upper coat after it has dried out
With all these different plastering options available, plaster ceiling cornice styles can be applied for a wide range of purposes. The ceiling cornices are very popular and they are available in a wide range of designs and patterns. Using plaster it becomes easier for the construction artist and developers to give any desirable shape to the construction. In addition to this plaster is durable and lasts for a long period of time. This makes them a sturdy material used for even rough weather conditions as they are less likely to get affected by cracks and other kinds of damages

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