All About Cypress Timber Supplies

Today, one will come across a large selection of cypress timber supplies and products. Almost everyone has heard of Cypress, and the versatile wood is available in plentiful. The native Southern species is very popular as it is resistant to termites and is naturally durable. It is essential to know more about the cypress trees.

What is Cypress?

Cypress grows in the USA and enjoys a wide colour range from pale yellow to yellowish red. There are several other names for Cypress like Southern cypress, Yellow cypress, Pond cypress, Red Cypress, Black Cypress, Buck cypress, Gulf cypress, Swamp cypress and many more. The Cypress trees are about 100-120 feet tall, and the diameter of the trunk can extend to about 60". The pale-yellow white tree carries heartwood that can vary from light to dark colours. Cypress is even mentioned in the Bible.
Cypress Timber Supplies
Cypress Timber Supplies
Immature cypress trees form a conical shape, and as it grows older, the tree takes on the look of hardwood. The trees develop buttresses at the base as the trunk tapers, and the bark turns reddish brown. A fully mature cypress tree has a broad, irregular canopy based on uplifting branches.

The aquatic tree prefers growing in wet, swampy areas and hence it is found mostly along the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Gulf of Mexico. Thus, there are plenty of cypress trees growing from Delaware to Florida and on the border of Texas and Mexico as well as the Mississippi Valley. Cypress is a very slow growing tree but a very long-lived one. The plantation of these will definitely prove to be economical and beneficial to the owner.

There are many different species of Cypress across the world, but they are closely related. Shade tolerant swamp hardwood species often compete with and replace the Cypress. Cypress lumber is very expensive, and today it is planted mostly for ornamental purposes. Large scale Cypress production is slowly dying out.

Why are cypress timber supplies preferred?

As Cypress planes easily, wears well and resists warping, it is easy to work with the wood. It glues and sands easily and accepts finishes readily. Cypress is softwood and is often assembled and manufactured with hardwoods. It is easily available and finds many uses in cabinetry, flooring, moulding, millwork, trim, fence posts, shutters, shingles, exterior siding, and interior panelling. It is also used for making beams, columns, and furniture. Boat-builders find bald cypress outstanding and reliable for planking.
Cypress Timber Supplies
The cypress is the cousin of huge redwood and giant sequoia. It is challenging to locate ancient trees that are so huge, but the loggers are able to locate some at the bottoms of swamps. Cypress is indeed ideal for outdoor construction as it is resistant to decay. Yet, there are many indoor applications too because of the attractive properties of cypress timber supplies.

Cypress wood is moderately hard, durable, and with a straight, closes grain. It is easy to work with and holds nails and screws well. It is commonly used for both indoor and outdoor projects. While it is easy to source cypress timber supplies from local lumberyards, availability may be limited in other areas due to higher competition and shipping costs.

Look for a speciality lumber company that manufactures, markets, sells and ships its cypress timber supplies nationwide. You should be able to trust their knowledge and products. The customer care should be exceptional so that the cypress timber supplier is able to handle any problems before they arrive. Professional accuracy and efficiency are a must when shopping for cypress timber supplies.

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