The Most Common T-Shirt Printing Techniques

A large chunk of T shirts that are sold in the market is printed T shirts which are printed by using one of the various methods that can be utilized for imprinting upon the T-shirt, or any other garment as for that matter. There is in fact, a great market for printed T shirts. Printed T-shirts are used as daily attire but are not only restricted to this one avenue. There are many uses for printed T shirts such as for marketing and promotional purposes. Printed T shirts are a huge part of the promotional products industry and are a top tier tool used by companies as part of their promotional and marketing strategy. Consequently, the T-shirt printing business is very popular, and one can easily locate individuals capable of T-shirt Printing.

The Most Common And Effective T Shirt Printing Techniques

T-Shirt Printing
Out of the various t shirt printing techniques that are available, a few stand out for two basic reasons. The first reason is the simplicity with which they can be carried out. The second reason is the effectiveness of a certain technique and the kind of result that can be achieved. Let us check out a few of these techniques and methods:

  1. Screen Printing: This is certainly the easiest as well as the oldest technique in this list, which is extremely ideal for T-shirt Printing. Screen-printing has been in use for a very long time. This technique also goes by the name silkscreen printing. What makes Silkscreen printing special is the fact that first, it is a very cheap method of printing, second, it is a very simple technique and anyone can operate a silkscreen printing setup, and third, silk screen does not require the use of electricity or any other power source. Screen printing is highly effective for single color or dual color prints. This is attributable to the fact that in screen printing, the individual carrying out the printing process is required to make separate screens for each color. Additionally, screen printing allows for designs that are highly lasting and vibrant designs. Consequently, it is still used imprinting clothes and is still the most preferred method of printing. The pros of screen printing don’t stop here. The screen printing technique is compatible with a majority of fabrics.
T shirt printing
T-Shirt Printing
  1. Dye Sublimation: This technique is most efficient for polyester T shirt printing, or anything polyester as for that matter. The dye sublimation process is impeccable for large designs that spread across the entirety of the T shirt. Dye sublimation allows for high resolution, complex graphics to be printed on the garment with ease. Dye sublimation is done with the help of a machine. In the machine, a special dye is utilized that quickly attached itself to the fabric, as soon as it is introduced into it. Dye sublimation like most T shirt Printing techniques requires the use of heat and pressure. Dye sublimation is used widely for polyester T shirts. But it should be remembered that when it comes to cotton garments, the combination is a disaster.
  1. Heat Press: This technique is great for amateurs as it is ideal for small orders. The printing setup is also rather cheap as compared to Dye sublimation and the results are quite fantastic. In the case of Heat press printing, a special paper is known as transfer paper that holds the graphic to be imprinted is drawn. Then it is placed in the press on top of the garment. Now the heat press is activated for a certain specified period post which the design is imprinted on the garment.
These are the most common and effective techniques used for T shirt printing. You can utilize the aptest technique based on the kind of design, budget, a quantity of T shirts required, and the fabric type.

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