Electric Roller Shutters – Mechanism and Uses

The most popular and widely used roller shutters are the electric roller shutters which are also called motorized roller shutters. These shutters are huge in size and made of heavy duty metals to provide good security against burglary and theft. They are used both for indoor and outdoor use. It means that electric roller shutters are suitable for almost all type of structures.

Advantages of electric roller shutters:
  • Durability: These Electric roller shutters require very low maintenance because of their durability and resistance against natural disasters like rain, snow, hail and wind.
  • Operating these shutters using a motor run by electricity makes the functioning easier and smoother than the ones operated manually.
  • Providing elegant look: These shutters are available in many attractive designs and colors, thus providing a good aesthetic value to the domestic or commercial hub.
  • Adaptive to environment conditions: The Electric roller shutters can also be used to change the atmosphere enclosed, whenever required. The curtains when rolled down create an air gap between the shutter and the window and thus acts like a thermo. This brings down the temperature during summers and warms up during the cold seasons.
  • Noise reduction and prevention of corrosion: The shutters being made of mainly aluminium and having the characteristic property of keeping out noise, helps the interiors by prohibiting entry of loud noise. Hence the inside becomes peaceful and pleasant to stay in.
  • Cost effective installation: As the durability is high, the installation of the electric roller shutters is quite cost effective in the long run.
Installation of electric roller shutter:
  • The horizontal position of the roller shutter is marked on the wall, followed by the width of the shutter.
  • Then, each side of the door or window is vertically leveled down.
  • Then it is verified that the shutter is placed exactly at the centre of the door or window and is linearly straight, both vertically and horizontally.
  • The cable of the motor is fed through a drilled out hole.
  • The shutters are placed at the channel on each side. But the movement won’t happen till the motor is switched on.
  • An electrician is then contacted who with his perfect skill set fixes the motor and connects it with the shutter. As the motor is fixed and switched on, the shutters can easily move up and down smoothly.
Use of electric Roller shutters:

Domestic use:

Domestic electric roller shutters are the best used for screening the interior of a house from view and for preserving its privacy from unwanted intruders and burglars. They also provide protection against sunlight, keeping the interiors cool.

Commercial use:

The commercial electric roller shutters are ideal for after work hours when the security need is maximum. With no person available in the commercial hubs, be it in office, retail shops or clinics, vandalism becomes easier then. So the types of commercial electric shutters that are used in the shop fronts and office building main entrance are:
  1. Solid lath roller shutter
  2. Perforated lath roller shutter
  3. Tube lath roller shutter
Industrial Use:

Industrial warehouse and factories also demand the use of electric roller shutters mainly for the after work hours to provide security to the factory as well as to the stock. The types of electric roller shutters mainly used for the industrial purpose are direct drive metal lath roller shutter and chain drive metal lath roller shutter.

Accessories used for electric roller shutters:
  • Remote control – Used to control the movement of the shutters from a distance.
  • Push switch – Used to control the movement by pressing the switch attached near the door or window. Can be of keypad type as well where a pass code needs to be fed in before opening the shutter.

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