The Step By Step Guide on Installing Timber Flooring:

Laminated wood and timber flooring have become a popular choice amongst many homeowners in the past few decades owing to their durability and minimal maintenance. Let us get a step-by-step description as to how we go about installing laminate timber floors.

Step one- Calculation

The first step for timber flooring is all about taking measurements correctly. Take measurements of the entire place, which needs to be covered with the laminated wooden floors. Moreover normally the length is taken alongside the longest wall and for a bigger area possibly the direction alongside where the traffic moves the maximum. The purchase of the flooring needs to be done with the square feet knowledge keeping the wastage component in mind.

Step two- Preparation of the area and the material

The entire area needs to be cleared and sorted out for the flooring. Moreover the boards which have been bought need to be acclimatized before being used for timber flooring.

Step three-Preparing the floor

Removal of all previous floorings or any padding on the floor needs to be done. The floor needs to be leveled out completely after which it needs to be vacuumed to remove all external dirt as well. If you don't then you will notice that the entire timber flooring comes out uneven and thus spoils the overall appeal of the house.

Step four-Trimming of door casing

All the bottoms of doors as well other areas need to be trimmed such that the flooring can slip easily under the door. An underlayment along with the flooring needs to be kept as a provision. It has to be done only with prior consultation with masons and woodwork specialists.

Step five-Rolling out the underlayment
Connect all the pieces with a clear and wide tape. Then roll out the underlayment on the floor, being careful of leaving a quarter inch clearance alongside the walls. Moreover, spacers need to be put along the walls as well, which can be removed before you put the final baseboards. Remember that this will ensure even placement of your timber flooring.

Step six- Installation of the baseboards

Baseboards need to be cut and installed. Start installing the base boards from the corner and continue with placing it through the room. With the progress of every course, the job gets a bit tricky. After placing all the boards, it needs to be stuck with glue while removing the excess glue from the sides of your timber flooring. It has to be done very carefully and not nailed into the planks. Each of them needs to be glued individually and with utmost care. A good way to avoid waste is to start with the planks, which are remaining from the previous row as the first board in the next row.

Step seven-Finishing

The last course can be pressed and fitted properly with the help of a chisel or crow bar. Protection of the wall is necessary with a block or spacer. After the boards are stuck properly, the distancing blocks can be removed, and the trimmings from the corners, at the door casings, etc. can be done for the finishing touches of your timber flooring.

Tips to keep in mind
  • Acclimatization is very necessary; else the wooden floors will react to moisture and humidity depending on the seasons. This means that your timber flooring will only spoil faster than expected.
The glue which is user friendly cannot be depended on completely. Proper ventilation needs to be given when the glue is wet since on drying up it becomes a tedious task to clean up the glue. The latter can also lead to damage of the timber floors too. So now you have the most readymade and handy ways of installing timber flooring in your house.

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