Points to Consider When Buying Evaporative Cooling Unit

With the rising temperatures and climate change cooling of the indoor environment has become essential for healthy, happy and standard living. Evaporative cooling unit or an evaporative cooler is basically a machine or device that cools the surrounding air by the process of water evaporation. It is commonly called desert cooler, wet air cooler or even swamp cooler. An evaporative cooling unit uses the idea that water absorbs a lot of heat before it evaporates and that the temperature can be dropped when the transition between liquid water and evaporation occurs. This process consumes a lot less energy and that is why people prefer buying evaporative cooling units these days.

Evaporative Cooling Unit
If you install an evaporative cooling unit, you can spend your summer in comfort and keep your indoors cool, while you make massive savings on your electricity bills. Not only are evaporative cooling units cost-effective, but eco-friendly and healthy as well.

Tips to Help you Purchase an Evaporative Cooling Unit

While it all sounds too good to be true, don’t make your purchases yet. You need to know certain tips and ask a few questions before you purchase an evaporative cooling unit. Some of these tips and guidelines are as follows:

  1. Climate: The first question you need to ask is whether you live in a place that has the climate, suitable for an evaporative cooling unit or not. The basic phenomenon that occurs in the case of an evaporative cooling unit is that as dry air passes through it or over it, it adds some moisture to it and makes the water cooler than before. Therefore, if the climate and the weather around you are dry with very less humidity, then getting an evaporative cooling unit would be a good choice for you.
  2. Difference between air conditioners and evaporative coolers: The major difference between an air conditioner and an evaporative air cooler is important so you know which one you prefer more. Air conditioners and evaporative cooling units both serve the same purpose – cooling your space. While air conditioners are meant for humid places, evaporative coolers are meant for dry areas. Also, an evaporative cooling unit can be portable depending on the design or the model. But air conditioners are not mobile. Evaporative cooling units are the eco-friendlier choice because unlike air conditioners, they do not use refrigerants. They use a natural cooling process.
  3. Which size to get: An important question you must always find the answer to before buying an evaporative cooling unit is, which sized unit would suit your place best. If you want your evaporative cooling unit to cool efficiently, then you must calculate the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) and find the model that caters to that. In other words, if your room is of 400 square feet with a 7 feet ceiling, then you need to get an evaporative cooling unit that has CFM of at least (400 x 7)/2 = 1,400.
  4. Maintenance: Always make sure you know how to maintain what you are about to purchase. The maintenance in the case of evaporative cooling units is quite low. One just needs to handle it properly and shut it down the right way, to ensure it has a long-lasting life. The water curtains and the filters need to be cleaned once in every two weeks with lukewarm water and mild detergent to clean the dust and dirt that has accumulated.
Evaporative Cooling Unit
These are the most important things that you must remember when you decide to purchase an evaporative cooling unit for your space. It will help you grab the best unit from the market.

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