Interesting details about Fences and the Process of Fencing

What is it and how are they different from walls?

A fence can be well defined as a vertical structure that stands free. These are especially designed in order to protect privacy within the boundary and also to prevent outside people or force to enter into the premises. They are different from walls as they are lighter than the later. Unlike walls, they are not made out of bricks. They are also not concrete structures. Also, they have gaps between themselves, thereby making space for partial vision.

Various types of them in terms of their function:

They can be divided into various sub- divisions in terms of the work they do:
  • Agricultural: These are built especially so as to keep the cattle in and keep unwanted livestock out.
  • Privacy: These are built in order to ensure the security and privacy of a property or area.
  • Temporary: These are built usually at building and construction sites so as to ensure the safety and security of such places.
  • Perimeter: These are constructed so as to prevent from any kind of trespassing, robbery, children or animals from getting away.
  • Decorative: These are basically built in order to make a place look better; places may include gardens, homes, etc.
  • Boundary: These are built so as to mark the boundary of a particular property or plot.
  • Some of these are named differently but works same (i.e., restrict the movements of amphibians and reptiles): newt; drift; turtle; low; and amphibian fences.
  • Pest exclusion.
  • Pool fences.
  • Pet fences: Built so as to keep pets underground.
  • Balustrade: Built in the shape of a railing that prevents people from falling over. Examples of these are present in balconies, staircases, roof, hilly areas, water bodies, etc.
Various uses of it:

There are various uses that these can be put to. Some spaces are legally required to be fenced so as to maintain the safety of the place as well as the surrounding and people.
  • There are various areas that contain high- voltage equipment. Therefore, building these up around such transformer stations or radiators. Barbed wires; wooden ones are used for such situations.
  • Railway tracks or stations also have such wiring systems.
  • Heavy machines.
  • Dangerous machines such as wheels, Mary- go- rounds, etc.
  • Factories that produce explosives.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Airfields.
  • Military camps.
  • Zoos.
  • Amusement parks are parks in general.
  • Construction sites.
  • Jails and prisons.
  • National parks.
  • Pools, spa, etc.
What are they made out of?

They can be made out of anything, depending upon the requirement, safety as well as seriousness for maintaining the privacy and security of that particular place. They can be made out of wires, feather- edged boards, railings, steel, raw timber, pickets, split branches, wooden panels, wrought iron, cactus, hedgerows, turf mounds, electric, etc.

Hence, in order to conclude,

It can be said that fences are a great invention or rather a discovery that probably started as a very simple way to protect an area from either outside intrusion or inside property to wander out or both. These have been the source of arguments, problems and fights among neighbors since time immemorial.

There are also various legal issues that ensue among inhabitants in terms of what kind of fences should be there, the material that is to be used and also who should pay and what the share should be.

Hope you like above mentioned information about Fencing! If you still want to know more then let’s go to the details and get some more useful information.

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