Stainless Steel Grates- Metallurgic Functionality Well Delivered

Stainless steel grates are amongst the most widely used stainless steel products, and are being used for various purposes where a smart combination of practical and durable metal with handsome looks is being appreciated. Stainless steel has proven its worth in many industries especially in the culinary world for sure, but this practical metal alloy which was once known for delivering superb metallurgic benefits is now also being praised for its aesthetic value. The designers, builders, constructors, architects and other consumer metal goods manufacturers are now utilizing this metal for its high magnitude of benefits.

The stainless steel grates have proven to be useful for many including builders to kitchen tool makers; the grates have a broad spectrum of utility which surely does not restrict it to any single industry. Landscape and architectural industry surely enjoy the benefits of this metal, as they provide cutting edge metal solution against corrosive environments in the most cost efficient way. As the metal itself if shiny, smooth and lustrous, they add high aesthetic value to the place where it is fixed. The grates can have a wide range of surface polish depending upon the aesthetic requirement of the relevant projects. If the landscape or construction designs call for a matte surface or a brushed surface or normal shiny to coarse surfaces, the stainless steel grates can be designed accordingly.

Benefits delivered by stainless steel grates:

The advantages of stainless steel are known by all, but here are some following points for a quick summary:
  • This perfect blend of steel, chromium, nickel and other characteristic metal is praised for its capability to withstand corrosive effects of the environment.
  • Anti fire, anti acid attack, chemical resistant and rust free, this alloy is a metallurgic boon.
  • Cost effective metal, inexpensive and so can be afforded by all.
  • Strong, durable, yet light compared to cast iron grates.
  • Environment friendly and 100% recyclable.
Application of stainless steel grates in various industries:

Stainless steel grates are highly versatile and can be used in various industries dealing with water, fire and even strength and where use of practical metal grates is a necessity. Here are a few:
  • Metal grates for tree protection and walkways:
Tree grates are especially good for public areas like parks or sidewalks, or commercial open air spaces with a lot of human intervention every day. They protect the tree base and roots while providing easy drain and watering options. They keep the trees protected while leaving a lot of space for walking or hanging around. 
  • Grates for drainages, trench and/or fountain inlet/outlets:
Stainless steel grates have amazing corrosion endurance. These rust free grates are perfect for fluid grating solutions. The long lasting metal can stay strong when in contact with water or other fluids, and remains unaffected for many years. Hence they are best to keep the water flowing in or out through drainage or provide great fountain covers and also provide a handsome metallic look.
  • Kitchen grills, BBQs, and other equipment’s:
The stainless steel grates are also a boon to any personal or professional kitchen. The open air grills that are so vulnerable to harsh climate require an anti-corrosion metal grate that stands the harsh environment, and should also be safe for searing the food. The cooking process causes a lot of chemical changes and the grates are always subjected to high flames. The stainless steel remains unaffected in such conditions and does not interfere with the food. The steel is exceptionally easy to clean as it does not allow many chemicals to stick.

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